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Shimano Alyus Hydraulic Disc Brake-BR-MT200

Shimano Alyus Hydraulic Disc Brake-BR-MT200

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SHIMANO - 2-piston-hydraulic disc brake-mountain bike

Using ONE WAY BLEEDING's SHIMANO MT200 hydraulic disc brake, it can provide braking force adjusted for entry-level riders.

  • SHIMANO hydraulic disc brake performance< /li>
  • Multi-functional design suitable for various bicycle styles
  • Adjust the braking force according to the needs of entry-level riders
  • The braking performance is stable and reliable, and there is no abnormal noise Less
  • Easy, fast and concise installation
  • SHIMANO Hydraulic Mineral Oil< / li>
  • To make the vibration of the film smaller
  • The gap between the lining pieces is widened by 40%

    Product specifications

    Model BR-MT200< /font>
    Series SHIMANO
    Color Black td>
    Brake hose color (kit) Black
    Brake hose (kit) SM-BH59-JK-SS
    Brake type Hydraulic disc brake
    Caliper fixing screw_prevention method Snap ring
    Caliper fixing screw_tool size 5 mm
    Oil pipe joint Straight-out type
    J-Kit specifications (OEM only)
    Mounting style < font size="4">Direct locking
    Brake oil SHIMANO Mineral Oil
    Lailing film_standard adjustment B01S resin
    Layin installation Latch opening latch
    Piston th> 2
    Recommended brake lever< /th> BL-MT201 BL-MT200
    Recommended disk Disk SM-RT10 SM-RT26
    J-Kit specifications (OEM only)
    Brake oil SHIMANO mineral oil
    < font size="4">Compatible disc size_160 mm (S)
    Compatible disc size_180 mm (M) < /td>
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