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Panaracer Tire Agilest Folding

Panaracer Tire Agilest Folding

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Product introduction:

This tire perfectly embodies the "Panaracer Ratio", which balances performance, puncture resistance and grip while excelling in low rolling resistance.

This tire uses the newly developed "ZSG AGILE COMPOUND" and "TOUGH & FLEX SUPER BELT",

Rolling resistance is reduced by 12% and weight is reduced by 40 grams compared with the previous model (using 700C-25C tires as a comparison indicator).

■ Covering: ZSG Agile
■ Protective: Tough and Resilient Super Pulley
▪ Sleeve: Advanced Extra Alpha Wire
■ Black, Skin, Red (25C only), Blue color (25C only).
▪ 700Cx23C (180g) 700Cx25C (190g) 700Cx28C (210g)

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