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OGK Kabuto

OGK Kabuto Aero-R2 Helmet

OGK Kabuto Aero-R2 Helmet

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- Windproof, inheriting the genetics and aerodynamics of the truck aviation helmet that has attracted worldwide attention.
Size display (reference weight): XS/S (N.A.) Convenient head circumference: 54-56cm
- CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing are thoroughly pursued and proven aerodynamic performance. "Permeable channel structure (PAT.P)" that improves aerodynamic performance through air rectification
- "KBF-2" adjuster with Boa lacing system. Both sides are equipped with a new mechanism and headrest that can be adjusted in two levels. *Air equipment "Air Stabilizer (PAT.)"
- Equipped with a windshield to take into account interference with glasses. Using COOLMAX can maximize the auxiliary air conditioning effect. The package contains ultra-thin wipes. Comes with glasses support function and anti-slip rubber-02. Added waterproof chin strap to *fiber MOFF
  • Aerodynamics. Patented structural technology.
  • Using the "KBF-2" adjuster of the Boa lacing system.
  • Reduce crosswind and rear air resistance
  • Equipped with AR-5 goggles
  • Stay Dry and Comfortable COOLMAX® helps with air cooling performance.
  • Weight: XS/S (235g), S/M (245g), L/XL (270g)
  • Suitable for head circumference 54-56cm
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