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MKS Touring-Lite Oneside Ezy Superior Pedal

MKS Touring-Lite Oneside Ezy Superior Pedal

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Product introduction:

TOURING-LITE Ezy Superior is an updated traditional style reversible pedal that requires minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime.

We recommend this pedal for the average cyclist who wants great performance in a user-serviceable pedal for use on the go!

TOURING-LITE features MKS' highly polished cup and tapered bearing system for smooth rotation and serviceability,

Combined with the directional wavy toothing on the pedals, your feet won't slip and there's no need for straps or toe clips (although straps and toe clips are compatible).

The MKS High Polish Cup and Taper Bearing System upgrades our standard Cup and Taper Bearing System with hand polished functional interior surfaces,

And uses higher grade bearing balls, making the rotation extremely smooth. If worn or damaged, TOURING-LITE's cage plates are easily replaced by the customer.

Patented Ezy Superior system allows for safe, quick, tool-less pedal removal for travel, storage or flexible use. Particularly popular as an upgrade to a folding bike,

Those who take public transportation with their bike, or a touring bike with a coupler system, our Ezy Superior system can greatly improve the quality of your ride while saving space.

Product details:

Color: Satin Silver Black
Material: Alloy
Plate: Alloy/Anodized
Dimensions: W 86 x L 69
Bearings: Highly Polished Cup and Taper Bearings< br>Weight: 380g
Dimensions: W=width (mm), L=length (mm)

※When installing the adapter for the first time, you need to use a thin foot wrench (a 15mm flat wrench with a thickness of less than 3.2mm).
For Ezy Superior and Ezy installation, we recommend you use an MKS-specific pedal wrench or a low-profile hub wrench.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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