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MKS Allways Ezy Superior Pedals

MKS Allways Ezy Superior Pedals

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The MKS “ALLWAYS” because it can be used for a variety of purposes from off-road to urban style. Using less aggressive foot pegs, can be easily used in everyday shoes.

Taking into account the shape of the shoe, the concave design is slightly concave towards the center of the pedal. This stabilizes the foot's position so it sticks, providing grip even if it's not a hard nail.

Use triple sealed bearings. Smooth rotation provides comfortable pedaling.

Fashionable appearance, spray-painted. Can be connected without entrainment.

MKS' original simple disassembly mechanism EzySuperior system allows for easy disassembly without tools. Ideal for folding bikes and bikes.

*Bearings are maintenance-free. Do not disassemble. Since the cap is also responsible for bearing adjustment, opening the cap may cause loosening.

*Initial adapter installation requires a thin pedal wrench (wrench width 15mm, thickness 3.2mm or less). Please use the MKS original PEDAL SPANNER or hub wrench that is most suitable for installation.

Material: Aluminum

Size: W84×L110

Recommended uses: Touring, off-roading, town riding

Weight: 434g

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