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Mavic Organic Bottle

Mavic Organic Bottle

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  • 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plant-origin bioplastic made from sugar cane

Product details

  • Self-sealing jet valve
  • Removable nozzle
  • Flat push-pull nozzle

Perfect for sports competitions or training, this water bottle addresses cyclists who care about buying more sustainable products. Manufactured by Elite from their Jet model, this bottle is made with plant-origin bioplastic made from sugar cane. This bio-based bottle is a practical, re-usable and performing bottle - it's also eco-friendly thanks to its bio-plastic. Easy to open and close with your mouth, the valve is ideal when using this bottle while moving on the bike. The bigger opening make it easy to fill the bottle up and wash it properly. Other than the soft bottle body made in squeezable material, drinking from it is easy also because of the practical push-pull nozzle, easy to open and close just by using your mouth, which is perfect for cycling competitions. Available in 2 sizes: 550 ml / 18 oz for smaller volume and 750ml / 25 oz as a bigger volume.  

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