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Fizik Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky Bartape

Fizik Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky Bartape

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TERRA BONDCUSH 3MM adhesive style is the most suitable handlebar tape for gravel roads. It is filled with polymer foam in the middle layer of Bondcush to help absorb road vibration. Combined with a microfiber outer layer, this material is our thickest option, combining comfort, versatility and durability perfect for a variety of road conditions.

The adhesive surface helps provide a sticky, non-slip surface that provides excellent grip no matter the condition. Additionally, the adhesive backing serves two functions: it replaces tape, making it easy to remove for cleaning, and it also dampens vibrations from gravel roads without feeling too mushy.

The TACKY adhesive surface provides a sticky, non-slip surface, ensuring excellent grip in any situation.
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