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Atlas Men Short S-723-B-BK-30-38C-5TH

Atlas Men Short S-723-B-BK-30-38C-5TH

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Double-layer breathable mesh for high temperature climates of 30℃~38℃, ultra-high breathability and non-exposure. It is recommended not to wear it at temperatures below 25℃ (applicable to spring and summer).

The anti-slip belt adopts the latest European and American OP exposed anti-slip belt (super elastic fiber), which has excellent anti-slip effect, is non-allergic, has excellent fit and reduces the wind resistance coefficient.

The trouser pads adopt the Atlas fifth generation 3D three-dimensional bag integrated trouser pads.

Top fabric: Nylon 76% + Lycard sport 24%
Side panel: Nylon 80% + Lycard sport 20%

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