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The Shimano Dura Ace ST-9001 shift/brake lever for 2x11-speed drivetrains has an improved ergonomics compared to earlier models and a smaller lever diameter. This makes it also suitable for race riders with smaller hands. Both the brake lever and the grip body are made of carbon, which reduces the weight to a minimum. The smooth appearance, the multiple bearings and the supplied polymer cable also make this STI Dual Control lever an absolute top product. Optimum modulation of braking power is guaranteed thanks to SLR-EV design.


Series: Dura Ace 9000
Application: Road
Gearing: 2x, 11-speed
Shifting System: mechanical
Brake Type: mechanical

Technical Information:

Brake Lever Material: carbon
Lever Body Material: carbon (CFRP)
Hood Material: composite (dual compound)
Mount: clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust: bolt
Adjustment Options: reach adjust


- short lever travel for 11-speed
- SLR-EV brake technology
- smaller body diameter, therefore also suitable for smaller hands
- fully compatible with predecessor ST-9000
- even more ergonomic hood and improved lever design compared to ST-9000
- smooth, clean appearance
- 4x bearings
- Stainless steel shifter cable, polymer coated; OT-SP41 cable housing recommended
- painted main lever
- for 23.8 - 24.2 mm handlebar diameter


STI Dual Control (DCL)
DCL stands for Dual Control Lever. It has brake and shifting functions in the system and enables easy operation. Ergonomic innovation is probably more critical to the higher standard performance than the added gearing. The shift internals borrow the robustness from Shimano's MTB technology and are so smooth and effortless that one finger shifts front and rear are possible. Indeed, shifting is the ultimate act of Shimano Total Integration, and simply has to be experienced to be understood.
The Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 Dual Control shift/brake levers have been optimised and feature, for example, a weight-reduced joint on the inside of the shift mechanism and integration of the cable for easier steering. The extremely compact and high-precision manufactured individual parts result in an unrivalled shifting speed.


Mount: left
Gearing: 2x
Manufacturer Part Number: I-ST9001LI

Mount: right
Rear Gearing: 11-speed
Manufacturer Part Number: I-ST9001RI


- 1 x Shimano Dura Ace ST-9001 shift/brake lever
- 1 x shifter cable, 1800 mm or 2100 mm

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