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Bontrager RXL Tm Issue Bib Short~WoRLd Cup

Bontrager RXL Tm Issue Bib Short~WoRLd Cup

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Breathable raw yarn fabric, breathable and quick-drying (soft, skin-friendly, odor-free Breathable, washable and non-ironing, three-dimensional cutting)

Slim-fitting tailoring, reducing wind resistance more quickly (three-dimensional tailoring, effectively reducing wind resistance and friction, naturally conforming to the body curve and improving riding performance

Blocks the sun, keeps you dry, comfortable and not stuffy (when sunlight hits the surface , most of the light will be reflected back, which can effectively prevent sunburn and reduce damage to the skin)

Reflective technology to improve night riding safety (3m added to the back of the jacket < span data-mce-fragment="1">Highly reflective design to ensure safe navigation at night)

Size: Men M / L / XL

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